The Iota Phi sisterhood is unbreakable. The bond we share as sisters is something that we are not only extremely proud of, but extremely passionate about. Alpha Chi Omega has been able to bring together real strong women and help them create something special. As sisters of Alpha Chi, we live our lives like they are golden, while supporting one another and always striving to seek the heights.

Individually unique, together complete.

"Alpha Chi Omega has given me the strength and support I need to be a real strong woman. Each and everyday, I live based on the values that this sisterhood has imbedded within me. The word 'sister' means so much more to me now. These women are my heart and soul." -Gabbi D'Agostino

"Alpha Chi Omega has given me a family at Quinnipiac. There is not a single day where I feel alone, and these women have welcomed me with open arms since I ran home on bid night. I can't imagine my life without them." -Lily Keegan

"Alpha Chi Omega constantly reminds me day after day why I am so happy i made the choice that i made. Whenever I'm with my sisters there are no words to describe the happiness and fulfillment i get from being surrounded with my best friends and such strong women." -Kearney Dewing

"Alpha Chi Omega has blessed me with amazing sisters that are truly always there for me no matter where I am. Being abroad in London right now has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life and I wouldn't have made it through these past few weeks without having sisters of mine here. My sisters are my backbone." -Nikki Barrett

"Alpha Chi Omega is truly my home away from home. Being away from my family was never easy for me at Quinnipiac, but having my sisters constantly by my side keeps me strong and makes me feel like I am part of something amazing." -Jenna Cosares

"Alpha Chi Omega has given me the strength to be a real strong woman each and everyday of my life along with the most amazing support from each and every women in Iota Phi who have become my heart and soul." -Christie Tasca